Camino Palacios is not simply content to accept the status quo and leave our streets to be overrun by cars. Neither is it content to let the business run itself. The business plan and the overall business concept was tried and tested by entering the FAU Adams Center for Entrepreneurship’s 2014 Business Plan Competition, where […]

December 23, 2013

For Urban and Regional Theory, I created a website on a city to explore several of the planning concepts we had studied, including aspects such as Urban Spatial Structure and public spaces. The site is up at mexicocity.caminopalacios.com.

November 24, 2013


Did several GIS projects for a GIS class. Here is one of my assignments, which helps illustrate my capabilities in the software.

October 24, 2013

When the Dangerous by Design report was released in 2009 and again in 2011 with four Florida metropolitan areas ranking the worst for pedestrian deaths, excuses I heard while working at FDOT included speculation that walking was much higher represented in Florida cities because the report only looked at census Journey to Work walking trips. […]

For a Transportation Systems and Supply Chain class at FAU, I compared various ways of transportation modeling. The traditional, four-step model was demonstrated using FSUTMS (the standard Florida model, running on CUBE/Voyager). The activity-based model for South Florida was in development at the time, but not yet ready for prime time. The paper analyzed the […]

Created a presentation on Transportation Planning to explain some of the basics to a class of civil engineering students.

April 28, 2013

Developed a TOD proposal as a team project for Urban Revitalization class at FAU. GROWING THROUGH TRANSIT: a plan for transit oriented development in downtown fort lauderdale

Wrote a paper examining how transportation and infrastructure improvements can be used as an urban revitalization strategy.

For Planning Process and Skills, I reviewed the history of planning in the US over the last 100 years, starting with the Chicago Plan and Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities. This also looked at how earlier plans as well as more modern plans were driven: top-down, community driven, etc. The presentation above goes through the outline […]

For a class on Globalization and Urban Restructuring, I reported on David Harvey’s views of how capitalism (and globalization, as inherently tied to capitalism) shifts crisis from one place to another but does not seem to solve anything. The presentation above sums up the paper.