At the heart of most transportation decisions is a priority. For too long has the automobile had priority in the hearts of decision-makers and the people of the developed world. It has not always been this way, and Camino Palacios holds that the priority of the transportation user should match the level of vulnerability.

  1. Pedestrians, including wheelchair users
  2. Bicyclists
  3. Other low speed wheeled inventions, from Segways to skateboards
  4. Transit vehicles, whether buses or streetcars
  5. Passenger automobiles
  6. Cargo trucks

In implementing projects, Camino Palacios values the following:

  • Simplicity for the end user, even if it means more work for the engineer.
  • Quality work. Simplicity often equals quality.
  • Communication, feedback, and openness—both internally and externally.

Cutting edge, yet easy-to-use, technology tools are both the things we seek to create and also what we want to employ to help get the job done.